If you have ever fancied yourself as a bit of a latter day Robin Hood or you think you might like the less frenetic quiet satisfaction that can be found in Archery.

Whether you are a later day Robin Hood or Maid Marion Archery offers a great foil to adrenalin filled activities, the skills necessary are a lot more subtle yet no less important… a ‘good eye,’ a ‘steady hand,’ plus a decent amount of concentration. However, with these qualities you will be introduced to an activity that can turn out to be quite addictive yet rewarding and relaxing. Two of our participants that we are aware of, have been sufficiently ‘bitten by the bug’ and gone on to compete for their respective counties. A stand alone activity but also an excellent activity to be part of a ‘multi activity’ package.

We do Archery largely at the beautiful Cottrell Park, although the nature of the sport does allow us to take our equipment to other venues that afford the appropriate safety. For instance when required to provide the sporting activities at Fonmon Castle to complement a special event, Archery proves a very popular activity in a wonderfully appropriate setting.

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