Caving can be exciting and adrenalin fuelled but also spiritual and awe inspiring. Being based in South Wales we are extremely lucky that it happens to be one of the principle caving areas in the UK.

The range of caves we have got to choose from also enables us to chose a cave or caving system that will suit you or your group. We have excellent ‘sporting’ caves that are challenging and exciting and these are often in an ‘Active Cave Systems’ (in other words ‘wet’ with a river or stream running through it!), plus we can offer an exciting range of challenges such as abseils down pot holes, swims along underground rivers (with buoyancy aids on!) and some potentially tight squeezes or equally we have some drier ‘fossil caves’ that can offer a rather less physical experience. Whatever you choose, we will also introduce you to an environment which can be spectacularly beautiful with a large range of ‘calcite’ features that will enrich your experience.

Nevertheless in consultation with yourselves we will choose a cave experience that will both excite and impress and if appropriate educate but importantly we will taper it to your requirements. We choose the best caves and best routes to suit your group and ensure that your caving experience is memorable.

It is suitable for most ages and abilities.

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