Mindful Adventures

Adventures to Soothe your Soul. Life today is stressful. So many pressures! Just getting out and re-connecting with nature and ultimately with ourselves is so important. Nature nurtures us, soothes us, re -energises us and boosts our mood and decreases our stress.

Taking time out becomes increasingly difficult.Life requires us to be constantly connected resulting in mental and physical fatigue as the mind and body are so closely linked.

Let us at Capital Adventure Wales re-connect you with nature and introduce you to mindful adventures for  increased vitality,focus and a sense of calm.

Water based


”Sometimes you just need to get outdoors and remind yourself who you are”

A soothing yet active day incorporating the principles of mindfulness. Alongside  the feeling of well being you will be increasing your fitness levels, core strength and balance.

Learn or improve your paddling skills whilst enhancing your awareness of the movement of your body and the movement of the water underneath. Become aware of both the mental and physical  working together as you gently relax and calm the mind.

The emphasis here is not on adrenaline and competition but on increasing your focus, your self-awareness & self reflection and on optimal mental functioning. The benefits include a reduction in stress levels,increased focus and attention,soothing busy minds and a sense of calm.

All activities will be held in beautiful surroundings so that the sights,sounds,smells and feel of what you experience on the water is  as fully as possible.

Great to do with a group of like minded people, a group of friends or for team building or corporate mindful outdoor activity day.

Land based

Climb mountains not so the world can see you ,but so you can see the world.

Climbing and abseiling with an emphasis not only on learning the fine techniques in beautiful surroundings but on physical well being and improving and nurturing mental health benefits. South Wales is ,of course, full of stunning and challenging places to climb and abseil and what better environment to encourage mindful thoughts and respect for the way the body works and how to treat it well?!

Climbing and abseiling enables you to be invigorated by the physical effort and application and the landscape itself. There will be instruction on applying mindful techniques to climbing and abseiling, an exercise used to treat depression and anxiety, to increase focus and self awareness.

Experience a sense of calm whilst challenging yourself physically and mentally and the exhilaration of completing your adventure or personal challenge.

A great day for a group of like minded friends or for a team building and corporate mindful adventure day with the emphasis on co- operation and compassion, encouragement and self awareness and increased focus.

Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting an arrow

Learn the beautiful and ancient art of archery.Archery is a subtle sport which demands and develops strength,co-ordination,balance,focus and attention to detail. Archery requires and develops patience, the skill of having to focus under pressure,repetition and of calming your breathing. There is the subtle balance necessary between core and upper body strength and allowing the body to flow and hold a relaxed pose for maximum precision.

In so doing archery improves physical and mental well being, improving self esteem and self confidence and calming the mind.

It is suitable for participants of any age and skill level where you can compete against others or against yourself, or simply for the pleasure of participating in the activity- the handling of the bow,the calm breathing, the focus and the end result.

You will learn to apply the basic principles of mindfulness in relation to archery, the benefits of mindful breathing to calm the mind and focus your thinking, to increase self reflection and self awareness and self assurance.

Being outdoors is nurturing and soothing and such tranquil surroundings as Cottrell Park Golf Resort or the grounds of Fonmon Castle lend themselves beautifully to this noble outdoor activity.

Archery is suitable for groups of like minded people and can be a fun and sociable event. As a team building or corporate activity the benefits of mindful archery is significant.

Guided mindful walking and wild swimming

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves and in finding themselves

A day of guided mountain mindful walking in the stunning and majestic Brecon Beacons.The day will incorporate simple mindful meditations and will follow the principles of moment by moment awareness in nature and fully immerse yourself in the sights,sounds and the experience of wilderness. You will be guided to tune into your surroundings and to engage your senses in nature,to focus on the present and quieten the chatter in your mind.

Feel the wind,rain or sun on your face,taste the air,see and listen to your experience. Switch out of auto-pilot and be fully engaged.

The day will also involve, for those who wish to go, wild swimming in mountain lakes and glacial rivers in the very heart of the Brecon Beacons.

Taking a walk in nature is associated with a wealth of benefits. Walking combined with nature is a very powerful,under-utilized stress buster. It improves daily positive emotions and self- esteem Also creative thinking, imagination and mental alertness and memory. So we pay more attention and are more connected to everything. Nature is restorative. Walking in nature places our brain into a state of meditation therefore decreasing our levels of cortisol ,the stress hormone.

The day will leave you feeling invigorated,soothed and calmed and having experienced a true sense of place.

Ideal for a group of like minded people and a great alternative team building or corporate day of mindful outdoor adventure.